Week 23 Coming Soon

New Improved, Coming Soon, these are statements to try to get the reader excited enough to take action.  By action I mean to buy, to look for in the anticipation of getting something.

When I started the MKMMA experience I was anticipating the completion of the course.  Now I am no longer anticipating the end of the course or the beginning of my life after the course ends.  BECAUSE I AM DOING IT NOW! My life has changed, not just for the duration of the course like so many other classes, but forever.  There have been so many AH HA moments that I can’t mention them all.  The habits I have developed have turned a major corner on this journey called Life.  The old road needed paving, and general maintenance just to be able to survive on.  The new road is exciting and well designed.  I know, because i designed and am building it to my specifications with other’s help.  I will be constantly improving and making my road easier to travel on.   Many people will benefit from my road making their lives better by being on it.  They may turn onto it blindly at first but they will soon see the many benefits to the construction and design.  Their lives can be changed as well.

23 weeks ago I anticipated finishing my journey and heading home, but I realized I was home the whole time.  Home is where the heart is not a dwelling. The journey on this new road will be exciting !


Week 22A The Awakening

Sunrise     A new Day   The Dawn

New Insights

New Observations

New Warmth

  New Beauty

New Lessons

New Confidence

New Opportunity  

New Hope.

We have been on a journey for several weeks and in reality our lifetimes.  I feel like the end of a long night (my life) is coming to a new day.  This 22 weeks has been the changing from the dark of midnight to the dawn.  The excitement and anticipation of the new day and all that it brings. A new experience to observe, learn, think and grow.  Be thankful for the new day. Awaken to the opportunities to make the world a better place because of your presence.  No matter what your sunrise brings, be grateful and let your light shine!

Week 22 Silence

We were asked to sit in silence, to not talk or listen to media or others for as long as we could. It reminded me of the experience I had in an anechoic chamber. It is a rom that insulates you from the outside noise as well as stops all reflected noise that you make.

I had a chance to be in one once and it was very strange. I could hear my heart beat, the blood circulating, and the noise when you move a body part is amazing almost frightening.  All these things we don’t associate any noise to really are noisy.

We think we would be better able to concentrate if we could eliminate all distractions, but in a chamber like this we become the distraction. We experience the internal noises our bodies make. You focus on your inner you. The things your subconscious and conscious brain are telling your body to do. Your thoughts seem to scream and make it hard to focus. It turns out if you do the research we humans do best at about the 29 db noise level. This is a very quiet area in today’s world. (by comparison a normal conversation is 60db)

So when you need to get away from the rat race, when you want silence there is a place you can go. By looking inward, within blocking out the world of distractions, go on a mini vacation Relax, Rejuvenate and Rejoice in the marvelous you think your dreams into reality.


When I was younger I ran the 440 yard low Hurdles for fun. By that I mean I was a Highjumper and ran the hurdles while waiting for the high jump bar to get up to my starting height. I wasn’t particularly good at the hurdles, but did it for the challenge and it beat just sitting around waiting.. This race is an interesting one. The hurdles were low and I am tall so the first ones were a little more than a step over obstacle. This continued, feeling no pain and enjoying the race for the first 2/3 of the distance. Then it happens… The Big Green Wall! (That’s what we called that thing where everything goes from feeling great, relaxed and confident to Holy Mackerel every step is work and you wonder if you will be able to finish the race.) No matter how much you trained it always happened about the same place, and never felt any better. After a few more steps the terrible feelings went away as the finish line comes into view. The confidence grows, the pain diminishes and you finish strong.
This pattern repeats itself in life. The races can be anything from a race, a journey or even a class. Take a road trip for example; everyone anticipates the trip, starts out with the wide eyed excitement and wonder of a young child where everything is new and wondrous. As the journey continues the newness wares off, the work, the boredom, etc. takes over. Go a little further and you begin to hear “are we there yet?” No matter how wonderful the trip is a level of fatigue sets in. This is the point where it is easy to give up, to say to yourself the pain is too much, to say it’s too much work, it’s not worth it.
This is precisely the time that review of your goal, focus, determination, and a re-evaluation of why you are doing it need to be done. In short, time to finish strong! This MKMMA course has been an incredible journey so far. Scheduled for 26 weeks we are now at week 21. That Big Green Wall has shown itself. Just know the finish line is in sight and now we need to remember why we signed up for this course.
We committed to doing this course for 26 weeks and we always keep our promises. Keep the habits we have developed and finish strong.
This course has one twist to the examples I’ve discussed so far. This is a life changing course. The finish is really the beginning. These changes will continue as long as we want the changes, use the tools we were shown to lead to the results we want.
I have learned that life and everything in it is a miracle, including me. Since I am the best operator of my “miracle” I am going to finish and begin strong!

Week 20 ITS BROKEN!!! Fix it

12999755601542198536brokenchain1I’m kind of an engineer at heart.  I like to fix things that are broken (and some that aren’t)  I enjoy taking something apart, analizing how it was made, where the failure occurred, and designing a fix that is better than the original design.  Over the years my wife has stated that she likes it wheen thing break because they work better after I fix it. (Once in a while things don’t work out as expected and we get to buy a new one) but even that experience is fun.  Over the years I have filled several toolboxes with tools so I could fix things.  Having the tools, the desire and the ability to use them allowed me to have so many successes.

My life was broken, but nunlike physical items like irons, cars, etc it is much harder to recognize the failure, identify the cause of the failure and design a new fix that is better.  MKMMA came along, with the Scolarship program, and the opportunity to fix it if I was willing to put in the work and trust the process.  I recognized My life was broken, but couldn’t step back and look objectively at the situation.  Even if I had, I didn’t have the tools to fix it.

MKMMA has been a journey, sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, sometimnes downright infuriating;  but I MADE THE COMMITTMENT  to do the work for the full 26 week program so here I am in week 20.  I have been writing these blogs each week for the full 20 weeks, and have shared my journey in them.  If you have some are inteerested, they are all listed on this blog and show my journey on a weekly basis.

This effort has allowed me to identify the failure,  look at the cause of the failure and review the design for my life.  The most incredible aspect of this journey is the Leaders worked hard NOT to influence my thoughts, but let me discover for myself.  This was done by giving me the tools and the ability to use the tools for profound life change.

I am 20 weeks of 26 for the “official MKMMA” journey, and my life has changed in enormous ways,  I am happier, excited to get up in the morning to greet the day and tackle the challanges of the day with a happy knack.  By this I mean I take on the day with confidence, a pleasant and peaceful demeanor which puts a smile on the faces of those I interact with.  I only havwe 6 more weeks of the course, but this has become a lifetime journey.  My blogs will continue to journal my trip and hopefully, if you feel your life is not where uyou wanted it to be might inspire you to consider this journey for yourself.


The story about Dorothy, a young girl who lives with her aunt, uncle, and dog Toto on a farm in Kansas begins in 1939. . One day a tornado sweeps up the farmhouse with Dorothy and Toto inside The house lands in Munchkin Country, located in Oz on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her.
The Good Witch of the North gives Dorothy the Wicked Witch of the East’s ruby shoes. Dorothy wants to return home, but in order to do so, the Good Witch of the North tells her that she has to go to Emerald City and ask the Wizard of Oz for help. She must follow the yellow brick road to get to the emerald city.

As Dorothy follows the yellow brick road, she meets a Scarecrow, who wants a brain so he will be smarter, a Tin Woodman, who wants a heart so he will be more empathetic, and the Cowardly Lion who wants courage so he will be brave. The four of them continue to the Emerald City to ask the Wizard for help, but the path is not without obstacles.

Eventually they arrive at the Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz appears. Before the Wizard will help any of them, he insists that they kill the Wicked Witch of the West.
Dorothy and her friends endure several attacks form the Wicked Witch before fulfilling his request. The Wizard Turns out to be a man from Nebraska who was caught in a hot air balloon and landed in OZ. Even though the Wizard doesn’t have any real magic, he gives the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion tokens that represent their desired attributes: brains, a heart, and courage, respectively. Their faith in the Wizard and their own proven ability give them the confidence they need to be how they want to be.
In the end, Dorothy decides to ask Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, how to get home. She tells Dorothy that all she has to do is tap her ruby shoes. She taps her heels and returns home to Kansas with Toto.

This story is about Searching externally for something and the hardships they endure and the futility of that search while doing so. Each of them was looking for self-confidence. A Scarecrow thinking he wasn’t smart enough, a Tin Man who wanted empathy, and a Lion who wanted courage.
Each of them starts the journey excited that they will find what they want, but in reality they already had these attributes inside them; the tokens just gave them the belief in their internal power.
MKMMA is helping us learn how much power we all have inside us if we just recognize it and let it out.
What is it you are looking for that you already have?


When someone says they, or a product are going green what do you think of?  Do you think of something that has little impact on the world?  Or is it a product that is adding the label to market their product?  Does it use earth friendly ingredients?  Or possibly all natural and more specifically no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Well, I’m Going Green but not in the traditional sense of the phrase.  True I am a natural product born into this world, not genetically modified, and I consist of earth friendly ingredients.  But that is where the road turns.

I am  “green” from the standpoint of life direction. I am learning to live in harmony with the universe, in truth, in peace.  Learning to give more to the world than I receive from it.  I guess that could be considered uber green.  But I refuse to become invisible to the world.  To blend in, or minimize my impact.  I am in fact created in God’s likeness and was put on this earth for a purpose.   That purpose was not to be invisible so no one knows I am here, but to make my mark to use my uniqueness (those of you who know me quit rolling your eyes and laughing) to make the world a better place forever.  A little kindness can change a lot!

How can someone live earth friendly and make a huge impact on the world?  Check out the MKMMA course, invest the time and be the person you were put here to become.

Try a little tenderness,                                 Make your mark